Cancun, Mexico

Terry Vaughn
Our last stop was Cancun. I had read complaint after complaint about how slow the tender was in Cancun - and it WAS! The water was very rough there and it did take a while. However, the ship only sails ON the ocean - it doesn't CONTROL it! So, I've had a very hard time finding fault with NCL for the tender. Actually, we visited with some of the passengers from the cruise just prior to ours and they had to pass Cancun up because of rough seas - so I considered that we were lucky to even get to go in! We split in half in Cancun - 4 of our group did the 4x4 cave adventure and 3 just went ashore on their own. The 4x4 - this is a hard one to describe!! If you're from the big city and you've never seen a dirt road - this is going to be a great adventure for you! We were disappointed because we were expecting some real off road thrills - we're from a little country town in East Texas and these would have been classified as "good roads" at home! But our assessment is the result of our daily environment! The cave was really neat - I couldn't believe that I had the nerve to jump into that water in a dark cave! I'm glad I did though - it was a neat experience. Again, we ended up at a gorgeous, nearly deserted, picture perfect beach and by the time we finished the meal they had prepared we had about 20 minutes to enjoy it - we got our feet wet just to say we did! The meal was excellent and our tour guide - ANDY - made the whole day worthwhile - he was a trip! I have to tell you that the other half of our group stumbled across the best fun of the day and the CHEAPEST!! Not far off the dock in Cancun was a really nice beach and two of our group went para-sailing for $75.00. We were all jealous!

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