Nannette Padgett
After our first night in dining room, we were both kind of hungry, and it took us a while, but we found a Dominos in the straw market, and we ate it like we had never eaten before. We did have trouble finding something to drink with it, and we stopped at a little place that sold us beer for $10.00, much to our dismay. We then walked further and found a stand that had Miller and only cost $5.00 for 2, so here we learned valuable lesson #2…walk a little more…look a little more. You’ll find a better price on everything if you’re not in too big of a hurry. The taxi driver was a story all by himself here in Freeport. Valuable lesson #3…look around for a good taxi. I mean one that hasn’t been broken in half, and bolted back together. Because they are going to cram as many people into one of those things (and you can’t blame them). We traveled about 30 miles over the speed limit and fishtailed all the way. When we were riding the front of the taxi was always diagonal to the back of the taxi. It was one of those experiences that have you kissing the ground when you ever do get out. God be with you. $4.00 a person. Valuable lesson #4…If you don’t want to pay $4.00 a person act like you’d rather walk. The second taxi driver, (really cool dude) couldn’t stand that. He’d go, “okay, okay $3.00, alright, alright, a dollar 99”. And you can go much cheaper. We didn’t mean for the conversation to go that way, it just did. They want you to ride. Anyway, in Freeport after the Straw markets, I guess they called it the International Market, we walked behind some hotel, and actually had our first wade in the “blue” waters of the Bahamas, and “yes, they are truly blue”. The most beautiful blue-green you’ll ever see. And there were the ladies on the beach ready to braid your hair. I didn’t get mine braided, but may get it partially braided next time.

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