Taxi to Atlantis and private tour, shopping by the port. This is the most idyllic place and I loved Nassau. We were with 6 other people and my husband’s sister went to where you exit the ship right away before we could exit. We were with a crowd of people and I do not recommend ever doing this. My husband was irate, but I calmed him by saying it will be our first time to go with his sister and her husband & friends. They took excursions on the other places we visited. We got off the ship and found a taxi right away. It was a jolly group all from Pennsylvania except my husband and me. We got to the most beautiful place on earth I swear. The gold horses in front were majestic and we got pictures of those first, then the yachts in the water beyond. We walked in and not sure what to do first, but we established a time to meet back with everyone. My husband and I talk to some of the people who worked there and found out how to get a tour. They told us the wrong place so we walked over to an empty place and waited a few seconds. A guy showed up and asked how he could help us and he walked, walked some more and finally we got to a nice quiet place where we bought our tour with a private guide. He showed us around, the aquariums that were magnificent, and told us about the fish. We learned you can snorkel right there in a manmade pool with the fish. We will definitely do that next time. He let us shop in the souvenir shop then we toured for a long time then it was over. We had time to play on a machine and it was time to go then. We got a taxi back to the ship and shopped some there. I like the shops in Nassau they were so nice. I was really tired and glad to get back to the ship for something to eat. We didn't get into port in Nassau till after 1:00 pm so we had lunch before we got off and got back in time for supper. This was our last night before we got back to Miami so we were too tired for the formal dining and just ate on the lido and turned in early after packing.

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