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April Damsa

Age: 48

Occupation:Office Manager

Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Wind

Sailing Date: April 1st, 2006

Itinerary: Hawaii

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Wind Cruise Review

April Damsa

Where do I start, this was a last minute booking, we did it over the internet, because we were originally booked on the Star Princess that caught on fire the week before we were to leave. I've always dreamed of goint to Hawaii and it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary, so it was a dream come true. It was very easy getting on the ship, they took our luggage, checked us in, and were waiting with beautiful lei's to put around our necks. We arrived inside the ship, elevator's were a little small and if over 6 people were inside, the light would light up it was overweight. Someone had to get off. Room was nice, I am used to a balcony suite, had to take what we could get, on the internet, the ocean view is shown with a large square window, when we get to our room there are 2 port holes. The girl that cleaned our room was real nice and left us animals made out of towels 2 nights. I think we slept right over the engine, especially when we would be going into port, I thought our room was going to shake us apart. I cannot complain about the service from the waiter's, waitress, and at the bars, everyone was nice and pleasant.

The Hawaiian Island's are beautiful, nice and sunny every day we were there. Just what I imagined. On Maui we went to a Luau "OH MY GOSH" what a beautiful place, good food, and good entertainment, worth every penny. Loved every minute of it. We booked this on board. We visited the islands for 4 days and then we were at sea for 6 days.

Restaurants: Food - O.K. - nothing to brag about, I called down one night and asked where I could get a steak and I was given the restaurant Terraces, very nice, and when I ordered the steak, it was slices of steak in gravy, not what I expected. Then I heard that the Bistro had steak in someone's comments on the internet, was never told on ship, would have gladly paid.

Breakfast: I am on vacation, I get up early every day and get dressed and go to work, when on vacation, I like to get up, take my time, have coffee, get dressed and then have breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and coffee), but if you were not up and out before 10:00 A.M., they quit serving breakfast at 10:00, everyday. I get tired of fruit and rolls. Room service is not what we are used to, we have cruised on the Dawn Princess twice before, you can order hamburger's hot dogs, fries, a big variety, but here ham and cheese (which I don't cruise to each lunch meat), or hot dogs. Not much of a variety. And the 24 hour place, be ready for pizza, pizza, and more pizza, because one day I saw hamburger's after that it was pizza and hot dogs and late at night, just pizza. Then the sports bar, we got there early and stood in line one night, because they were going to have fried chicken, when they started us through the line, a waitress told us to go to the other line, but when we did "no chicken" and I said to my husband "no chicken" and the chef started yelling, give us time we are cooking it, I told him if they hadn't moved us out of the line we were in, we would of got chicken.

Show's were good, crafts were fun with June, what a sweet nice lady, and I mean that. She made it real fun and interesting. Love the newlywed game and the liar's club. Hawiian dancers were great too!

One thing I was very disappointed with and so were a lot of people, no casino, it was shown on the internet that there was one, and they had it all stored away and had the art auctions there. Don't advertise if your not going to have it, six days at sea, cold windy weather, rocky sea's and no casino.

I heard of lot of people talking, how disappointed they were and would never cruise again with Norwegian and I feel the same way. I guess we were spoiled on Princess Cruises. "No comparison".

One lady was complaining that she is used to having clean sheets evey day and she knows they are not changing them, because of the stains on them and how dirty everything was. Our bedspread was old, but clean, they said the ship was updated like new, well I think they need to update a lot of things, even like the video they try to sell you, showing the "casino" they don't have and people working you've never seen.

Just one disappointment after another. But I did make it to Hawaii, but if I every get to go back I would fly there and back and stay in Maui.

The one thing they did do that I liked, we didn't have to touch our luggage until we got to the airport, with Princess they put it in a large warehouse and you have to find your luggage and take it to the shuttle bus that is taking you to the airport.

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