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Doris McAdie

Age: 55


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Wind

Sailing Date: April 30th, 2006

Itinerary: Alaska

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Wind Cruise Review

Doris McAdie

We sailed on the Norwegian Wind to Alaska from Vancouver. The day we sailed was beautiful and sunny. Embarkation was fast, as we were able to board early, at noon, because we were latitude members, having sailed with the Norwegian Sun last fall. Our baggage was late arriving to the elevator hallway, around 5 pm. we retrieved it ourselves when we saw it there. Next time we will take it on ourselves.

We were disappointed with most aspects of the Wind, because we could compare it to the Norwegian Sun. The carpets had all been renewed, so it was fairly clean looking.  Our cabin was great, having a picture window. If they tell you that you may have an obstructed view, that will probably mean the lifeboat will be in your window ,deck 8. That is an obstructed view! Or you may be on the promenade deck {7} and you will have everyone passing by your window.

We found the crew less welcoming and cheerful than the Sun. Our cabin fellow was great, but on the whole, they were just doing there job. As Michael Yak said, that awful smell was in certain areas all of the time, fortunately for us, not in our cabin.

The windows in most of the public areas were dirty, TV reception was poor, a couple of movie stations, with a lot of repeats, a couple of variety stations, CNN, Fox, and ESPN were offered. No Canadian news or Hockey was found by us, with the NHL play off games happening.

The food was moderately good, we are easy to please, if I do not have to shop and prepare it. But the Sun's menu was more varied, and on the whole better. We dined most of the time in the Terraces, with the great views it offered and the musicians was a nice touch, although they could have omitted the tunes from the Poisiden movie.

We enjoy the Freestyle Dining, setting our own dining times and meeting lots of interesting people. We did not enjoy the sports bar, it felt like a heard of cattle at the troughs.

We took an enjoyable flight out of Ketchican, over the Misty Fiords, booked on shore, saving money. We are not too impressed with the commercialism in the towns, but this is what those towns survive on. Unfortunately the rest of our trip was in wet weather, so the scenery was not too great.

We were very disappointed about missing the Sawyer Glacier. Although I understand this is common, as a friend just returned on May 27 from a Princess Cruise and they only got 3/4 of the way up the arm. If the cruise lines know these trips are not navigate-able, why do they not have alternate plans in place? I have written Norwegian Lines but have had no response yet.

We were most dissatisfied with the captain. The guest lecturer Dr. Graham, was commentating to us, while we were sailing up the arm. He was the one to tell us of the change in plans, after the ship had turned around, due to the safety of the ship. When the captain came on the PA system, 1 1/2 days later, he more or less criticized what Dr. Graham said to us. That was completely out of order, as it was the captain's job to have told us of the change, not the guest lecturer's job.

My main question was, why did we not go up the arm on Friday as our itinerary stated? At least we would have had all day to do this and been able to enjoy more of the scenery.

We found bar the drinks very expensive. $50.00 plus 15% tip for all you can drink soda. Then they offered it for $37.50 when leaving Skagway for 2 and 1/2 days. What a rip-off!

The entertainment was great, especially the Jean Ann Troupe. 

Lucky for us we chose the bus trip to the Yukon, in Skagway, again from shore. We had a great driver, an Irish fellow entertaining us with all of the stories about the gold rush. Once we got out of the rain, and snowstorm at the summit, the sun was shining on all of the spectacular snow covered mountains and southern lakes. We had a great BBQ chicken lunch at Carcross.

For the last 2 days sailing back to Vancouver, it was still raining. We did not find a lot of free happenings on the ship, they are mostly out to sell you things like bingo, spa treatments, art auctions etc. So during the day you are mostly just relaxing around.

They had movies in the show lounge, after the last show of the evening. The only good movie was Walk the Line, which showed the night before Skagway. Late movie and early mornings, are not great. I amm sure they could find some more first class movies, but of course they want you in the casino. We enjoyed the game shows, Liar, Liar, Newlywed game, Dance off. and others. But the questions on the Newlywed game and the music for the dance off, were the same as on the would think they could come up with different ones, especially when they are trying to sell you other Norwegian trips.

The Wind will be retiring this fall. It's a good thing. Would I sail on the Wind again? No.

Would I sail with Norwegian again, probably, because we enjoyed the Sun. Lesson learned, pick the ship, not the price, and always check out the reviews..........Doris and Richard McAdie


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