Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Wild Monkey Canopy Ride
Nancy Norris Nancy Traversing the Cables on the Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride Review of Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride The Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride: An exhilarating journey offering a magnificent opportunity to view the rainforest from the treetops. I had heard about it, read about it and now that I was in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, it was time for me to experience it!  I convinced three other intrepid souls to join me on my early morning adventure.  By 7:30AM we were off the ship and then hired a taxi for the day for a reasonable $120US. Almonds and Coral Lodge A few miles south of Puerto Viejo lies Almonds and Corals, a rustic lodge, deep in the heart of the rainforest. Almonds and Corals, in the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, offers a variety of eco-tours and expeditions, not the least of which is the Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride. Ready to Climb to the Top of the Rain Forest It took about an hour, in a very unnerving taxi ride, to arrive at our destination. There was no denying we were in the depths of the jungle. From the dense vegetation and wailing of the howler monkeys to the light mist and excessively high humidity, we knew we had arrived. Upon paying the $40 per person tour fee, we were asked to read and complete a number of waiver and emergency contact forms before embarking on our trek. Uh-oh! What had I gotten us into! Well, we were here now and ready for a challenge! Our guides led us to the staging area where we were outfitted with our gear. Strapped in harnesses similar to those worn for parachuting, with heavy steel claw clamps attached to our mid-section, wearing crash helmets and leather gloves, we were certainly a comical sight, not to mention a bit unnerved. By now my companions were really beginning to re-evaluate our friendship! Climbing Up the Platform Stairs After a short safety and instruction briefing, we were off on the trail. The extensive security of the cable system that is in place for our safety was emphasized during this briefing. Our first set of stairs and ladders traversed a huge tree until we reached a wooden platform. Crossing the Suspension Bridge There, high above the treetops was the first of two suspension bridges we were to cross.  Well, as we made our way across the bridge I was really beginning to question my sanity – what was I doing and how had I managed to convince three unwitting souls to join me??? Nancy Climbs the Final Set of Stairs Once we reached the other side, we had to climb another set of stairs taking us to an even higher platform than the first. This was truly a test to challenge ones tolerance for heights. I glanced out at the expanse of jungle that surrounded me and eyed the first of eleven cables that would suspend me on my wild ride. Boy, the beach and a couple of beers were looking way more appealing to me right now!  Carol Get Ready To Take Off on the First Platform It was at this point that we were reminded that there was no turning back, the cable system was the safest and easiest way down (Easy for them to say!).  I would like to interject, however, that the two guides that accompanied us were extremely knowledgeable and their expertise offered an element of security as we embarked on our “journey”. Carol Takes the Plunge on the First Cable One by one we were attached to the canopy cable and let loose for our “crazy ride”. Nancy Takes Off When it was my turn, I swallowed my fears, forced myself to relax in the harness and sailed across the cable. WOW!!! What a fantastic adrenaline rush! I can’t say that I saw much of the magnificent scenery that whisked passed me, but the ride was exhilarating. Carol Rolling Through the Rain Forest By the time I had completed this amazing journey over ten more cables and one more suspension bridge, I had become quite comfortable and began observing the bounty of nature in which I was engulfed. Tom Rolling Through the Treetops Although we did not see as much animal life as I had anticipated, we did spot some sloths and toucans in the treetops.  By the time we reached our final cable I was disappointed that the trip was over.  Nancy Rolling Through the Rain Forest The cable system allowed for a gradual descent through the forest until we reached a sandy beach. It is here that the jungle meets the sea. This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you are looking for an extraordinary experience that heightens your sensory awareness and challenges your adventurous spirit, then the Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride is a magnificent opportunity to view the jungle from a unique perspective. If you are visiting Puerto Limon and want to contact the Almonds and Coral Resort to book the Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride, simply follow this link. Have a great time!

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