Finding Cheap Carnival Cruises

The best way to spend a fun and exciting vacation for you and your family is through a Carnival Cruise. This kind of cruise operates a large number of cruise ships. It was founded by Ted Arison in 1972 and is now operating under several brands. One of these is Carnival Corporation & PLC which now runs several carnival ships. The Carnival Cruise has become popular for its Las Vegas-style décor and entertainment.

One of the largest Carnival Cruises back in 1996 was Carnival Destiny with 101,000 gross tons of passengers. As of today, the largest Carnival Cruise is the Carnival Dream with a 130,000 gross ton ship. In 2011, Carnival Magic will be launched to offer more fun and exciting cruises.

If you are planning to go on a Carnival cruise, you will find that the following tips are useful in helping you find cheap Carnival cruises.

Tip # 1 – Watch Out for Inaugural Cruises

There are cruises which offer discounts or promos during inaugural cruises. Discounts are offered to promote the ship and make an introductory offer for tourists to experience the amenities and facilities of the new ship; e.g. be on the lookout for the launch of Carnival Magic

Tip # 2 – Search Deals Online

Cruise sites provide offers and discounts at given times of the year. You will learn about this when you use the Internet to research about particular cruise offers. The best tool to do this is your favorite search engine and it will lead you to the different cruise lines' websites. By entering information such as destination, date and time of travel, you will see the discounts that you can use during the scheduled trip.

Tip # 3 – Subscribe to Email Listings

Aside from newsletters, there are also notifications sent through e-mails. Travel agencies or cruise lines provide a subscription button or a form online where visitors would just have to sign up and all promos and discounts are sent to the mailing list. Signing up will help you know about discounts and promos at the very first day the promos and discounts are offered.

Tip # 4 – Last Minute Offers

Last minute offers are sent either through emails or sometimes sales representatives will call you over the phone if you are in the mailing list. Usually last minute offers are given with significant discounts that can go up to 60% just to maximize the facilities of the ship as it sails for its destination. Large ships, such as those operated by Carnival, have a high probability of unfilled cabin space just prior to departure; the cruise lines will drastically reduce the cost of these in order to fill them.

Tip # 5 – Search for Seasonal Packages

Discounts and promos are also given during off-peak period. You can try to schedule your vacation when people are not thinking about it and you will get great deals.

Aside from the online announcements of deals and promos done by cruise lines, travel agencies also have their own promotional and marketing efforts. Hence, when you learn about such deals, it would be best to grab the opportunity. Better yet, if you plan your vacation ahead of time, you will know if the offer is what you want. Once it is presented to you, you have to take advantage of it to save more and at the same time enjoy your memorable Carnival cruise.

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